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    the story 

    ofChipmunks HUb

    it all started with a question and  a quest 

    to find 

    the solution. 

    In 2013, one fateful night after a long, demanding day at uni, I ran into my friend, Rossie (who later is my designer), to have a coffee with her. We all came together with a question: why was it so hard to find fresh, premium quality items with minimal and unique designs, even on the Internet?

    Just one month after I graduated college, I started 

    a full-time job for one of the biggest banks in VN at the time. It was considered quite a big hit for a fresh graduate. But I still found myself thinking about that question, brainstorming every possible solutions. Rossie would designs, while I would take advantages of my network within the financial industry to launch a few t-shirts centered. 

    I was waiting for the right moment

    I felt like the print-on-demand business model at the time in VN was a big risk with a lack of reliable suppliers, and it requires lots of upfront investment to start with, which I can't afford. Therefore, I decided it's time to explore the world first.

    The decision to go abroad marked a beginning of Chipmunks Hub

    That was August 2014, I enrolled for a Master course at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia. It definitely shaped my future to the way it is now. My mind has been exploded with a ton of new concepts about e-commerce and online marketing which I wished to get my head on when I was in Vietnam. I realised that it is possible to launch an online business selling designed items on the Internet even with a shoestring budget. 

    In mid-2017, Chipmunks Hub began its life. 

    In the beginning, I had just five designs and most of my sales were driven by my friends and their referrals. But things accelerated quickly after Chipmunks Hub was featured on several Instagram's influencers posts, and sales started rolling in gradually. These first five designs were really 
    well-received, but I knew that they are not enough. Therefore, I need to make a decision: close up shop and call it a success, or work on a way to 
    keep it going. 

    I decided to 
    keep going 

    Through the first six months, I kept working late nights and weekends to define designs, test products from several suppliers, enhance the website. My strategy was to send a demo of a new release to my friends and IG's influencers who are interested in my designs . It took a few months until Chipmunks Hub gradually established its recognition from the community. It was the moment I knew that my passion to build my very own brand is no longer just a dream.

    Going all-in with Chipmunks Hub

    The first day of 2018, I called up my two best friend and made a presentation to them about the plan to scale up the business. And as a result, with the supports from them, I decided to go full-time with Chipmunks Hub. As part of this change, I took a month trip to the US to set up a business agreement with my suppliers and arrange a fulfilment partner with them.

    It started with a simple idea. 

    Our mission is 

    to create premium quality and unique designed items that I would buy myself

    Chipmunks Hub didn't start with a formal business plan. 

    To be honest, I don't have any experience in designs, and I am not a technical guru either. But I have a business mindset and a will to bring people that are far more talent than me to work together. I felt like I can try to apply common sense while learning a new thing at the same time. As things came up, I've figured out that the best way to be better is by doing, steps by steps. 

    It's more than just a tee with patterns printed on it. 

    It's a statement.

    What's next

    Ever since the beginning, Chipmunks has been a hub for me and my friends to live our passion for designs and tees. We now have more than just five designs available now, not just tees, but hoodies, sweatshirts, coffee mugs, and many more to come. We've grown, but our mission is still the same. Every single product you see is still personally designed by our team, and the designs are not just something about my own taste, but they are inspired from the Chipmunks Hub's community as well. 

    There was a lot more to running Chipmunks Hub, but it will always remain a fashion hub where design are a statement and quality is a priority.